Analytics.Brussels: commercial trend tracker for Brussels

Analytics.Brussels: commercial trend tracker for Brussels

Analytics.brussels collates key indicators for analysing shopping districts across the entire Brussels region. It contains quantitative and qualitative data which provide a snapshot of the state of commerce and reflect the main concerns of customers and shoppers in Brussels.

Analytics.Brussels is a dual-purpose barometer: it allows brands and future shop owners to choose the best district for their next store opening, and it helps the public authorities to decide whether any of these districts need redeveloping.

This year, for the first time, the 2018 Barometer has been published in a 100% digital format. Continuously updated and available 24/7, this latest version puts the Brussels region firmly in the smart cities era through the GRID programme, which comprises three technological projects:

  • Analytics.Brussels — an advanced analysis platform for data visualisation.

  • Myshop.Brussels — a local app store designed to digitalise commerce in Brussels.

  • Shop.Brussels — a personalised search and recommendation engine aimed at customers in Brussels.

This new platform allows what was once static data about the sector to be converted into fully customisable smart dashboards that are easy to read or share. With this modern environment, the Barometer has been redesigned to offer its users a more intuitive and agile experience that is both accurate and highly personalised.

Source : Atrium.brussels

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