Financing your company through the Brussels Regional Investment Company

What is the B.R.I.C ?

B.R.I.C, or the “Brussels Regional Investment Company", is a regional public institution created in 1984 with the majority shareholder being the Brussels-Capital Region.

It has two missions:

  • To contribute financially to the creation, reorganisation, expansion or transmission of Brussels SMEs
  • To perform the missions delegated on behalf of the Brussels-Capital Region


In the context of its support activities for Brussels companies, the B.R.I.C offers solutions for:

Financing (risk capital, subordinated loans and classic credit)

  • B.R.I.C : for the expansion, transfer or reorganisation of the SME
  • Brustart: for start-ups
  • Exportbru: for SMEs exporting or setting up abroad

Co-financing (with credit organisations)

  • Brustart: for investing SMEs, along with banking organisations and pari passu (€10,000 - 200,000 of co-financing)
  • Brucofin: for investing SMEs, along with banking organisations and pari passu (€200,000 - 2,000,000 of co-financing)


  • Brusoc: for small and local social economy companies located in the area
  • Boost-Me (via Brupart): for unemployed individuals receiving benefits and very small companies (< 4 years) outside the priority intervention zone.

Receivability criteria

The B.R.I.C differs from other actors, particularly through its desire to maintain a relatively personalised, flexible and non-standardised approach to the evolution of applications it receives. There is no definitive list of receivability criteria.

Any company project representing added value for the Brussels region and relating to one of the solutions proposed by the B.R.I.C is likely to be receivable for analysis.

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Updated 28/07/2017

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