How can I find a location?

The Brussels Capital Region has a wide range of options for setting up companies as well as shops, warehouses, offices, and industrial buildings.

Estate agents

Of course, you can contact an approved private agent to help you to find the ideal establishment. You'll be able to find an approved agent in your region on the website of the professional institute of real estate agents (FR). Whether you are a large international group or a self-employed worker, specialised or not, you will be able to find the best advice, considering the restrictions of the property market it manages.

The Brussels Capital Region can also help you with your property search. has a property database for companies in Brussels: Inventimmo (FR). This database provides an inventory of professional spaces available: warehouses, industrial areas, and unoccupied offices for sale or rent in the capital. The database can be consulted for free online, and allows a selection of buildings or land based on the specific needs of your company. The information it provides is regularly updated.

If you want to obtain personalised advice during your search for premises for your shop, you can also contact the Retail unit of via the email address can give you more information about the ins and outs of a particular district, provide you with various geomarketing indicators and determine together with you the district that best suits your project. However, you must already have a business plan in place to benefit from their support.

Updated 11/04/2019

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