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Brustart, a branch of S.r.i.b/, is a venture capital company created in December 1992 by the initiative of the government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Supported companies :

Brustart supports young companies

  • established in the Brussels-Capital Region (19 municipalities);
  • being created, or younger than 5 years;
  • constituted under the legal form of an S.A or an S.P.R.L.;

The Brustart selection criteria are linked to the branch of activity, the viability and growth potential of the company, as well as the entrepreneur's profile and his managerial skills.

Intervention types : 

  • Loan (3 to 5 years; rate based on risk)
  • Capital (minority interest)
  • Convertible bond


The project promoter must submit a business plan to Brustart. This plan will be examined during a meeting with a Brustart analyst, and will then be presented to the investment committee. If the file is declared admissible, a detailed business plan will be devised, followed by an in-depth analysis of the file. Brustart decides to invest, or not, based on this analysis.

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Service free of charge except call costs at local rate

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