The environmental permit

The environmental permit is an administrative authorisation detailing the rules to be met so that your facilities do not hinder or endanger the neighbourhood. It sets out measures you must take so that your activity does not harm, be it directly or indirectly, the environment, health, or safety, and whether it be in economic or energy terms.

The legislation on the environmental permit applies to everyone: individual, trader, manufacturer, artisan (company or self-employed, lone worker), public authority.

Be aware

  • the environmental permit can only be granted within the limits of planning rules (land allocation plans). Before completing your application for an environmental permit, check that the address you have selected (property, land) is legally suitable for your project. Neither your landlord, the previous operator, the estate agent, nor the notary can check this feasibility for you!

  • As long as you have not acquired the environmental and/or planning permit, it is a good idea to sign a leasing agreement for this property. A good tip: include a suspension clause in the lease or the purchase deed for a property. The lease or purchase will only take effect from the issue of the permit.

Updated 19/02/2019

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