An idea in and of itself is not protected by intellectual property law. The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, therefore, has provided an i-DEPOT.

The i-DEPOT is a system that allows you to prove that a creation existed on a certain date: An idea, concept, design, invention, model, scenario, lyric or an example of a prototype. The i-DEPOT proves the creation date and the identity of the designer, but does not provide property rights or any form of protection. However, you do get a certificate from an official, reliable agency that guarantees the authenticity of your i-DEPOT. This allows you to stand legally stronger in the fight against competitors, former employees, or business partners who want to copy your idea.

The i-DEPOT can also complement trade secrets by determining unequivocally who the creator of the innovation is, and establishing that the creation of the innovation happened earlier than the current exchange of information about this innovation.

You can submit your i-DEPOT directly online. It is quick and easy. The i-DEPOT is cheap and very safe. The i-DEPOT is normally valid for 5 years, but can also be extended after a period of 5 years has elapsed. The i-DEPOT concept is administered by the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

Updated 28/07/2017


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