Business & employment cooperatives

A business & employment cooperative coaches unemployed jobseekers and beneficiaries of social allowances wanting to start a self-employed activity. 

If you meet the access conditions, the business & employment cooperative allows you to create, test and develop your business idea over a maximum period of 18 months while continuing to benefit from unemployment benefits.  In this context, you will receive individual and collective support in order to acquire the know-how required to manage a business, and retain your rights to allocations in the meantime.

More specifically, business cooperatives offer the following benefits :

  • A pioneering method which allows potential entrepreneurs to try out their company idea. The legal structure and company number of the cooperative can be used by the "starter".  The business & employment cooperative invoices on behalf of the "starter" and takes care of the administration for the project.  The entrepreneur receives information on income and expenses, and analyses this information with his coach.

  • A risk-free business start-up for jobseekers receiving allowances and benefiting from social integration income, who may retain their allowances during the start of their business, and this for a maximum period of 18 months. If their project does not succeed, they keep their unemployment allowance and their social integration income.

  • A group dynamic through joint workshops organized on a regular basis with other entrepreneurs in addition to individual coaching and support from professionals.

Several business & employment cooperatives in Brussels

  • JobYourself which supports project owners in the process of creating their company, from the idea to the creation of the business. 

  • Jobyourself Baticrea only works with people active in the construction sector. 
  • Backstage Brussels. This cooperative, supported by Iles Asbl, is specifically dedicated to project owners in the creative and cultural industries (fashion and design, music, etc.).

Updated 25/01/2019

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