A complementary self-employed worker, a hybrid solution

If you already exercise a salaried professional activity, you may choose for various reasons (additional income, use of skills, etc.) to undertake an activity as a self-employed worker simultaneously.

You may be considered as a self-employed worker on a complementary basis if you exercise another professional activity as a salaried worker simultaneously.  Under certain conditions, people who receive replacement income or who retain pension rights may also be considered as self-employed workers on a complementary basis.

This is not a distinct legal form but a hybrid social status adapted to the joint exercise of a self-employed activity and a salaried activity or similar 

You are a self-employed worker on a complementary basis if your self-employed activity is performed in parallel:

  • to an activity as a salaried employee, temporary employee or trainee teacher, in which case the number of hours worked as a salaried or temporary employee must amount to at least a half-time job as calculated on a monthly basis;
    Examples: an office worker who works as a freelance accountant in the afternoons, a worker who works as a self-employed hairdresser.

  • to an activity as a civil servant, in which case you must be working 200 days or 8 months of the year;
    Example: an employee who also own a chip shop

  • to a job as a qualified teacher, in which case you must work at least 6/10 of the time ;

A self-employed person exercising a complementary activity who terminates their main professional activity does not automatically become a self-employed person exercising a main activity. Under certain conditions, it is in fact possible to retain the status of self-employed worker on a complementary basis:

  • if you are unemployed and you exercised your self-employed activity for at least 3 months in parallel with a salaried activity before becoming unemployed, you can, subject to the agreement of ONEm and the respect of strict conditions, retain the status of self-employed worker on a complementary basis.  You may only exercise your activities during certain times, your income will be limited, and your self-employed activity must have an accessory nature.

  • if you are receiving an incapacity allowance from your health insurance fund, in which case your incapacity to work must be at least 66% and the payment you receive must be at least equivalent to the pension of a lone self-employed person.

  • if you retain your rights to a retirement of invalidity pension.  Technically, we no longer talk about an additional self-employed activity if the person is a pensioner.  In this case, you would be subject to the special regime of social security contributions for pensioners.

  • in some cases, if you take a career break (public sector) or time credit (private sector).

As a self-employed worker on a complementary basis, you have the same social security obligations as self-employed workers on a main basis:

  • to be affiliated with a social insurance fund
  • to pay social security contributions
  • to declare your activity to the health insurance fund

To be able to benefit from this system of contributions, you must provide the insurance fund with which you are affiliated with proof of your other activity (employee - official).

One of the main benefits associated with this additional self-employed worker status is that, although you are self-employed and contribute, you continue to receive the social benefits offered by the other social regime to which you are subject due to your other main activity or principal status (employee, civil servant).   Your current contributions are used to cover the regime for self-employed workers and, when they reach the amount of contributions due from the self-employed worker doing this as a main activity, you may be granted certain rights.

Updated 28/07/2017


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