Basic business management knowledge

Any SME intending to exercise an activity as a commercial company for which registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises is required, either as a main professional activity or merely as a sideline, must be able to prove some basic management skills to a one-stop shop or ‘business counter’ of its choice.

In some cases of regulated professions you also have to prove your technical skills. In this aticle we'll discuss only about the proofs of basic management knowledge.

Management knowledge includes:

  • entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial skills,
  • basic knowledge of:
    • law;
    • accounting, financial and fiscal aspects;
    • commercial management;
    • specific legislation.

Who needs to provide proof of basic management knowledge?

If the company is an individual :

-> preferably you personally as the head of the enterprise. When this is not possible, one of the following people can prove their basic management knowledge instead:

  • your spouse;
  • your legally cohabiting partner;
  • a partner with whom you have actually cohabited officially for at least the past six months ;
  • an self-employed assistant who is your blood relation or relative down to the third degree (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins (if they are the children of your brother or sister));
  • an employee with an open-ended employment contract who is responsible for day-to-day management.

Be aware of the management role having an effect on the person's social status.  Be well-informed before making any decisions in this regard !

If the company is a legal entitY: 

-> the natural person performing the daily management. For example:

  • in an S.P.R.L: the manager;
  • in an S.A: the administrator;
  • in other legal entities: an administrator, a company director, or an employee with a permanent contract.

How can you prove management knowledge?

Management knowledge can be demonstrated in three ways:

  • a diploma or qualification: for example, university qualifications or any higher education diploma in Belgium, or a secondary education certificate for ASO, TSO or KSO obtained before 30 September 2000.  To find out if your diploma corresponds to the conditions, contact the Business Counter.
  • sufficient professional experience : any practical experience carried out in the last 15 years in one of the following companies is accepted.  You must prove a certain number of years of experience:

    • as a self-employed business owner: as your main activity: 3 years / as a complementary activity: 5 years.
    • as a daily manager with no employment contract: as a principal activity: 3 years / as a complementary activity: 5 years;
    • as an employee in a director's role: 5 years
    • as a self-employed assistant : 5 years.
  • Certification of basic management knowledge of the Central Board : if you do not possess the diploma or professional experience required to prove your management abilities, you can enrol for an examination with the central board. There are many training courses to prepare for this examination, and Brussels Economy and Eployment has put a syllabus online (FR/NL).

All the relevant information can be found on the website of Brussels Economy and Employment

Updated 28/07/2017

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