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The sole entrepreneur. Yes, but...

Let's face it: the person who decides to start their business is, more often than not, the only one at the helm, and it is this person alone who bears the responsibilities.  In this sense, it is not misleading to say that the entrepreneur is solo.

However, this certainly doesn't mean that they have to remain alone in the face of problems or questioning.  More than ever, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people.

The entrepreneur's key partners

Firstly, there are obviously essential (or almost essential) partners such as accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, etc. These professionals clearly play a role in advising the entrepreneur throughout the life of your company, and it is particularly important to clearly define what you expect of them.

When it comes to an accountant for example, they will carry out a number of basic tasks such as VAT declarations or the publication of annual accounts, but will they help you stick to a financial strategy?  Will they help you negotiate financing? Will they provide effective advice on tax matters? If you think that these services with high added value are important, you need to be clear in this respect.

The role of public services and their equivalents

In addition to private advisors, many public services or their equivalents have emerged to help with company creation. These services are often created or subsidized by public authorities to support project owners in stages such as the performance of a market study, the development of the essential financial plan, or the introduction of a funding request.

Examples of these organisations are :

  • Local Economy Desks ("Guichet d'économie local")
  • (formerly called Brussels Enterprise Agency)
  • Middle class organisations (Beci, Unizo, UCM, etc.)
  • Other associations, local or not (ILES,, etc.)
  • Business schools (Solvay, ICHEC, etc.)

Don't know who to contact?  The advisors of 1819 will point you towards the service(s) best suited to your profile and your situation.  You can also use the application on this website: Who can help?

Updated 03/10/2018

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