Adaptation or exceeding environmental standards

The Brussels Capital Region supports projects which intend to improve the quality of the environment, and offers a maximum subsidy of €80,000 to companies who are investing to comply with a new European environmental standard, or to go beyond the current standards.

The intervention rate is up to 40% for micro and small companies (sliding scale for medium and large companies). The investment must be at least €7,500 and result in improving the quality of the environment in one of the following areas:

  • water (installation of devices for the purification, recycling or reuse of waste water, transfer of recycled or reused water between neighbouring companies, purchase of non-polluting maintenance material for semi-permeable surfaces, treatment associated with an infiltration device);

  • air (installation of purification devices, transfer between neighbouring companies of air loaded with polluting substances usable in a process or as primary air for a combustion plant);

  • air and water (investments for the recovery and/or reuse of products and by-products likely to contribute to reducing waste);

  • waste (investments relating to reuse, recycling and use of by-products or waste);

  • soil and water (investment aiming at preventing soil or underground water pollution);

  • the raw materials and natural resources (introduction of devices aimed at saving raw materials or natural resources, particularly water);

  • noise and vibrations (investments to reduce noise and/or vibrations);

  • fire safety (investments in an existing installation when there is a risk of the fire spreading or explosion outside of the company);

  • any other device aimed at improving protection of the environment and justified by a specific file.

Attention : several grants of Brussels Economy and Employment have been modified on 25 March 2019. We are updating our site in the coming weeks. Recent info is available on

Updated 28/03/2019

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