The integration of your company into the urban fabric

The Brussels Capital region supports projects which intend to improve the quality of the environment, and offers a maximum subsidy of €80,000 to companies who are investing so as to be better integrated into the urban fabric.

The intervention rate is up to 45% for micro and small companies (sliding scale for medium and large companies); 65% for the introduction of a shuttle system for workers. The investment must be at least €7,500 (€5,000 for safety investments) and must concern one of the following areas:

  • the relocation of your company to the Brussels-Capital Region for environmental reasons. In this case, the relocation must be enforced by an administrative or legal decision;

  • the introduction of devices aiming to make the transhipment of your devices compatible with the urban environment;

  • the rehabilitation of polluted sites;

  • the installation, in a new construction, of tanks, storm water basins and related equipment fitted with a calibrated dual overflow system;

  • the construction of green roofs;

  • planting or architectural or urban modifications required by a permit;

  • the reduction of neighbourhood annoyances (view problems, obstacles to light, untimely lighting, etc.) if the investment is made following the filing of a complaint or an administrative or legal decision;

  • the securing of an establishment by means of an alarm system, a mechanical protection system or a video surveillance system.

  • a change of allocation: investments related to the conversion of office spaces into spaces allocated to another economic activity, provided that this allocation has received land use/environmental administrative approval.

  • investments related to the introduction of a shuttle programme for workers via the acquisition of one or more adapted vehicles by a company, or by a group of several companies, in the same area or via recourse to outsourcing, etc.

Attention : several grants of Brussels Economy and Employment have been modified on 25 March 2019. We are updating our site in the coming weeks. Recent info is available on

Updated 28/03/2019

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