Help with experimental development

Any company, regardless of its size, can make a request for financial aid for experimental development projects. The request must be made using a form which can be found on this administration's website.

To be able to receive this aid, the company and its projects must meet certain criteria:

  • the company must develop at least some of its activities in the Brussels Capital Region; 
  • the project must be innovative and have a positive impact on the economy, employment and sustainable development of the Brussels Capital Region; 
  • the company must be able to provide its share of the financing for the project, and meet all its obligations towards the region in the context of previous aid received.

The financial aid may be allocated in the form of unrecoverable subsidies or recoverable advances. The intervention rate depends on the financing formula and the size of the company:

  • for small and very small companies: subsidy of 45% or advance of 60%; 
  • for medium companies: subsidy of 35% or advance of 50%; 
  • for large companies: subsidy of 25% or advance of 40%;

The base rate can be increased by 15% in case of effective cooperation with another Belgian or foreign company or a research organisation.

See the detailed French or Dutch page for this financial aid or visit the website of Innoviris

Updated 28/07/2017

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