Green entrepreneurship in Brussels : which public support initiatives exist?

In order to stimulate entrepreneurship in the environmental field, the Brussels-Capital Region has developed a series of projects, from establishing regional action plans to the personalised accompaniment of start-ups.

Regional Programme for a Circular Economy (PREC)

On 10 March 2016, the government of the Brussels Capital Region adopted the Regional Programme for a Circular Economy 2016 - 2020 (PREC) (FR) with a budget of €12.8 million for the year 2016.

The Regional Programme for a Circular Economy (PREC) has 3 general objectives:

  • To transform the environmental objectives into economic opportunities.
  • To relocate the Brussels economy in order to produce locally when possible, to reduce commuting, to optimise use of the territory, and to create added value for the inhabitants of Brussels.
  • To contribute to job creation.

This programme has 111 measures, divided into 4 strategic parts:

  • cross-cutting measures (positive regulatory framework, direct and indirect aids, innovations in the public markets, employment, training, education)
  • sector measures (construction, resources & waste, commerce, logistics, nutrition)
  • territorial measures
  • governance measures (enhanced cooperation between administrations)

For more information: is an acceleration programme for entrepreneurship focused on circular economy and the environment, for a period of 6 months. It is the continuation of the BSE Academy action established as part of a former ERDF project (BSE - Brussels Sustainable Economy).

Financed by the Brussels-Capital Region, it aims to stimulate the development of green entrepreneurship and create employment at the regional level.

For the sixth year running, it offers a marked accompaniment course and access to experienced coaches and experts in various domains.

For more information: (FR) is the network of actors in construction and sustainable renovation in Brussels. It supports the development and promotion of the sector of sustainable construction, and of its competitiveness. It networks a group of companies located in the Brussels Capital Region which are active in sustainable construction: architects, design offices, material traders, estate developers, as well as public or private partners. is one of the projects implemented by the Brussels-Capital Region to further the sustainable construction and renovation, particularly in response to the effects of climate change. It falls within a Sustainable Development perspective, favouring the creation, growth, and longevity of its companies.

In 2017, the ecobuild cluster will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It has nearly 200 members and partners.

For more information:

Greenbizz, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Brussels-Capital Region, consists of the creation of a company incubator, This infrastructure can welcome any green or sustainable project, or those tied to the environment – particularly those in the sector of sustainable construction.

The total area of reception facilities for the expanding green or sustainable companies and the new economic actors amounts to 8,000m², spread out over 5,000 m² of workshops and a ± 2,000 m² office or open space incubator. A structure for reception, accommodation, accompaniment, and support of project initiators and entrepreneurs is also planned.

This project is led by Greenbizz Brussels, which is supported by, Environment Brussels, (ex-Brussels Agency for Business) and the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI).

For more information:


COOPCITY is a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Brussels-Capital Region. It is a centre dedicated to social, collaborative, and cooperative entrepreneurship in Brussels. Through its different accompaniment programs, COOPCITY helps project initiators establish their ideas or develop their activities.

COOPCITY provides different accompaniment programs:

  • Seeds: start-up social enterprises
  • Blossom: existing social enterprises that wish to scale up
  • Catalyst: catalysing the creation of new economic projects by bringing together various actors
  • Social innovation generator: launching new products/services/sectors      

COOPCITY also strives to raise awareness of a different vision of the economy among companies (social aim, corporate governance, and financial viability)

It also promotes collaboration and cooperation. Thanks to the animation programme and the co-working space, COOPCITY offers activities, practical workshops, conferences, information sessions...

For more information: (FR)

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